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An apple a day

AppleAn apple a day deeps doctor away is a famous quotation about the secret of healthy life. But Infact the realistic approach is some what different from it. In my part of the world it is certainly difficult to keep yourself away from the doctor just by eating an apple a day. But yet this is not impossible. The main concern is to take care about hygiene while eating or drinking. It is unfortunate to reveal that in my county a majority of population has the exposure to drinking water which is unhygienic. Boiling tap water is a good solution to keep it safe from harmful bacterias but not all the people do this. Secondly unhygienic drinks in summers, as the temperature rises one can find the stalls of unhygienic drink sellers at every busy place & road side. Infect people knows that these drinks are unhygienic and are not good for health but they use it quench their thirst.

Today I am not going to blog about conventional health tips but I want you to be careful in summers, the contaminated water & drinks are the main reasons for throat & stomach complications. Lately i found one of my friends admitted in the hospital due to stomach problem, he lives in a highly populated city where the water is likely to be contaminated. So get yourself familiar to online pharmacy to know about latest health tips. If you are living in a city where the tap water is contaminated then don’t use it. Get a bottle of mineral water or boil the tap water before using it. Yes, make sure to you & your family away from unhygienic food & drinks. If you done with it, you have qualified to be benefited from an apple a day theory.

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